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  • The Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs are finely chiseled aristocratic members of the cat fancy. Everything about them is LONG. Legs, tail, body, toes, ears, neck and head. They have a very short close, lying coat that compliments the sleek and muscular tubular body.

    They are very active cats with an unlimited combination of curiosity and intelligence. Childproofing your house is not always sufficient. Many are natural “retrievers” with their favorite toy, an activity requiring confiscation of said toy to end the game. They have been known to open drawers, insert themselves and then close the drawer, providing a great hiding place. We have one cat that loves to remove heat registers from the floor and explore the depths of the heating ducts, even from upstairs to downstairs. When boredom sets in, they are completely content to share your lap, chest or shoulders. Some can be very vocal, telling you about their day during your absence or just carrying on a conversation while you are preparing their dinner.

    The Siamese are one of the most ancient breeds of cats. They originated in Thailand and appeared in England in the late 1800’s and America in the early 1900’s. They are known for darker coloring on their extremities including face, ears, feet and tail and a fawn to creamy white colored body. Their almond shaped eyes are blue, the deeper the color the better. They come in many pointed colors and patterns with and without white.

    The Oriental Shorthair was developed to explore the possibilities of many more colors and patterns with full body paint as opposed to points only. They come in endless numbers of colors and patterns including solids, tortoiseshells, tabbies and shaded with and without white. Their almond shaped eyes are green, the deeper the better. Exceptions to eye color can be a blue-eyed white or blue or odd-eyes in a particolor.

    All of our cats and litters are registered in TICA and CFA.

    Sit back and enjoy. We welcome all inquiries regarding kitten availability and pedigree information.

    Karen McInchak

    Karen McInchak